06 June 2016

175. Rescure / Supply vessel (unfinished)

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175. Rescure / Supply vessel (unfinished)
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TBN: 493
Status: sale
Condition: in construction
Navigation area: unlimited
Type: Salvage / Rescue ships / Life boats
Subtype: Diesel-electrical
Registration: in construction
Construction place: Russia
Symbol of the Register Class: 1A1 DYNPOS
Length over all: 55.0 m
Width: 12.7 m
Board height: 6.25 m
Draught max.: 5.0 m
Draught min.: 4.1 m
Gross tonnage: 1550.0 t
Deadweight: 960.0 t
Main engines quantity: 6
Main engines power: 3300.0 kW
Fuel capacity: 330.0 t.
Speed: 13.0 kn
Crew: 22
Bow- / Stern thrusters: DP-2
Location: Russia
Two hulls available. The vessel is designed to be capable of performing Safety Stand-by support services, 24 hours/day continuous operation based on a minimum duration of 30 days per month, performing rescue operations within the Norwegian, Danish, UK and Netherlands Continental Shelf and operating as a command control center during such operations or in emergency situations. The vessel shall be outfitted with machinery and provided with equipment in accordance with the latest rules and regulations of Det Norske Veritas for worldwide service. In addition the vessel can operate as a field support vessel offering limited underdeck oil and potable water cargoes and deck cargo capability. The vessel shall be of the single deck type with five main transverse watertight bulkheads. Double bottom and double skin to be fitted in way of the machinery room and thruster spaces and elsewhere as far as practicable subject to the vessels tank arrangement. The vessel shall have a double tier forecastle superimposed by a two-tier superstructure comprising a single tier deckhouse and navigation bridge above. The vessel’s main propulsion shall consist of two high performance azimuth propulsion units located in the after part of the vessel. Auxiliary thruster systems are to be fitted in the fore part of the vessel and comprise of one retractable azimuth thruster and one transverse tunnel thruster. All propulsion and auxiliary thruster units shall be arranged with independent manual control, selectable combined joystick control and a Kongsberg DP AUTR (IMO-DP2).

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