18 September 2017

Open cargo (b)

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/ Kevin

Good morning,
Pls pps firm for:

4000mts +/- 10% bulk  ferts,sf 1.5wog (firm)
palembang/  bangkok
cqd /cqd
20-25th/ sep  
fiost 1/1
1.25% pus




cargo : 10 ,000mt 10% moloo anthrecite coal in bulk
l/port : 1sp/sa honnet, vietnam
d/port : 1sp/sb vizag, india
lycn : 25-30/sep 2017
rate : 2,500/4,000 shinc bends (12hrs t/t)
addcomm : 2.5% pus
or 1 tct


20,000 tons (+/- 10% chopt ) tapioca chips in bulk sf 2.2 wog
quinhon port/ rizhao or lianyungang port
20-25th sept (try vsl dates)
3000/2000 shexuu
freight fiost 1/1
1.25% add pus
gear min 20 tons




10,000 +/-5 % mts steel scrap in bulk sf 2.0
l/d port: 1sbp kawasaki / 1sbp phu my
l/d rate: cqd at bends
laycan: 10th – 25th oct, 2017 ( tb narrowed 05 days as vssl's date )
o/f : chrts idea 24.00 pmt bss 1/1
com: 2.5%




cargo: 20-35,000mt granite blocks  
l/port:  krishnapatnam or kakinada, india,at chrtr's option
d/port: shihu or xiamen, s.china
laycan: ppt- 25th sep 2017
load rate: 4500mt shinc pwwd
disch rate: 5000mt shinc pwwd
frt: fio bss 1/1
comm: 1.25% pus
prefer gear min30t
40,000-48,000mt tapioca chips in bulk (sf abt 1.85 wog)
l/d port: 1sap kohsichang, thailand / 1sbp lianyungang, china
lycn: 25th sept - 5th oct.
l/d rate: 7,000mt pwwd shinc/3,500mt pwwd shinc
frt rate invite owners best on fiost bss 1/1
comm 1.25% add pus




hbi, 20,800mt~21,000mt(chtrs option)
ppt ~ 26th sepr., 2017
1sbsp labuan/1sb pohang
8000mt pwwd shinc/5,000mt pwwd sat pm shex mon8am uu
invite ows idea on fiost
dem/des please advise
*. min. 25mt x 4 gear
*. max. 20yrs, disch.port 10.8m draft limitation


min 13,000/max 20,000mt of gypsum in bulk (s/f abt 1.1)
loading port : 1sbp yeosu, s.korea
disch port : 1sbp bataan (max 9.5msw), philippines
load rate : 10,000mt pwwd shinc
disch rate : 6,000mt pwwd shinc
laycan : prompt
frt : invite owners' best on fiost basis 1/1
chtrs agents bends with reasonable port d/a
gencon 2.5% ttl




min 12,000mt 5% more chtr option silica sand in bulk
chan may/ jinhae
14/16 oct
cqd bends(try 3,000mt)
invite ows best fio bss 1/1
2.50% adc. pus
* need min 25mt grd vsl




around 18k-20k kaolin  in bulk
adv 3days for custom clearance
1sb beihai, china to 1sa chittagong,bangladesh
l/d total 13wwd
comm 2.5
need vsl with gear
no need vsl with grab
20,000mts / 5 pct molco steel billet ( length 11.7m)
1sbp sovetskaya gavan,cis pacific / 1sbp cebu
cqd bends
tentative lcan 15-20th oct 2017
frt: ---- pmt fi/lo
chrs' agent at bends
1.25pct pus
- vessel max age of 25years equipped with operable crane/derrick having minimum lifting capacity of 30mt
- 2nd set of bs/l to be issued in seoul againt chrs' single loi asper owrs' pni form & wordings even before 1st set of original bs/l has been collected and presented to owrs.




45,000 mt coal in bulk 10% more or less owns option
1sap muara pantai / 1sbp nantong
lycn 20-30/sep
8000 / 12000 shinc with 12 hrs t/t
rqrd crane with 4x10 cbm grabber
frt invt bst fiost 1/1 (fixing idea mid 9  )
2.5% pus




acct:cmps or nominate
require ultramax or pmx intend tapioca chips
(grain capacity about 80-85k cbm for 42000-45000mt tapioca sf about 1.8-1.85 wog)
1tct with harmless tapioca chips, duration 20-35 days wog
delivery: make thailand
redel : cjk or rizhao/lianyungang arange
laycan :25-30th/sept.)
add comm 2.5 % pus
acct  :  woohyun shipping, korea
11k – 13k tween(try single)/max20yrs/geared min 60ton(try 30mt/swl)
dely aps kwangyang, korea (try dop)
redely s.e asia range (int' vietnam ~ thai range)
laycan ppt – 20th sep' 2017
one tct dur abt 15 - 20days wog with l'ful/h'less steel/general upto full capa
nype 2.5% pus


acct  :  woohyun shipping, korea
8k – 13k tween/max20yrs/geared min 60ton(try 50mt/swl)
dely aps masan, korea (try dop)
redely s.e asia range (int' vietnam ~ thai range)
laycan 27th – 29th sep' 2017
one tct dur abt 20 - 30days wog with l'ful/h'less steel/general upto full capa
nype 2.5% pus


acct multimax 
dwt 16-22k geard min20mt
del 1sp eci
tct via eci to se.asia dur abt 18days wog
intention cgo steel billet
laycan ppt try vsl date
redel 1sp se asia  intention indonesia
addcomm 3.75% pus
can also try voy



Plsd to hear. Thanks.

Kind regards,
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