07 September 2017

Open tonnage 09.07

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/ Kevin

Good morning,
Direct owners.

Pls pps firm cgo for:

mv"southern spirit (box shape hold) 29,482 dwt - open haiphong, vietnam  18th/ 20th sept

mv unison spark, 28,438 dwt - open  wenzhou, o/a 14 sep., 2017 (moc approval)

mv unison power, dwcc 37,000mt, open cjk o/a 22 sep, 2017

mv unison leader, 35,666 dwt - open hcm o/a 20/sep., 2017  (moc approval)

mv rui hai 1      5800    hochiminh      25th sep, 2017

mv xin hai he     7200    haiphong       18th sep, 2017

mv hao heng 11    7300    hochiminh      15th oct, 2017

mv tt star        8400    danang         18th sep, 2017   

mv hua yun 8     14500    hochiminh      30th sep, 2017

mv hua yun 16    16000    n china        25th sep, 2017

mv. sea hero    22256t open  zhangjiagang 18th sept.

mv. shimei fortune     24065t open zhangjiagang on 25th sept.

mv "oriental ace" 19,918 dwt - open haiphong, vietnam 22nd/sep.

m/v guo shun 9 dwcc12900 open inchon,korea 22nd sept

mv. kun peng – 13567 dwt - open haiphong 15th sep

mv. xingguang 18  - 12850 dwt - open qingdao  end   sep

mv. chang lian hai – 14031 dwt - open  inchon  or pohang  25th-30th  sep

mv. lucky source          53410mt               s. china                  21st sept. 2017

mv. harmony source    29302mt               cjk or n.china     16th sept. 2017

mv rich vigor            dwcc12800     open      rayong,thailand               27th/sep

mv gaoxin 16               dwcc14600    open       inchon,korea                      05th/oct

mv gain ocean           dwt  5575mt        open          cjk,cn                  end of sept

mv east river            dwt: 8803 mt         open            south china       15th,sept--hot to fix

mv. minxin          44000mt   kwangyang, korea      20th sept              asia

mv. minxi            42000mt   zhenjiang, china          28th sept              asia

mv.ocean leader  2002 blt     dwt 9,756mt     open subic, philippine o/a 22nd sep. 2017

mv.genco star      2002 blt     dwt 9,756mt     open chiba , japan o/a 05th oct. 2017

m.v sea noble       1995 blt      dwt 8,634mt     open lanshan , china o/a 14th sep. 2017

mv jin da 27 (金达27) dwcc5700mt----open at haiphong,vietnam on sept.19,2017

mv union glory (同荣) dwcc13500mt----open at hk,china on sept.20,2017    

mv.song shan       dwcc 10500mt       open dili                  on  23rd sep.

mv.tai shan        dwcc 11000mt       open sihanoukville         on   end sep.

mv.hua shan        dwcc 11500mt       open nagoya                on early oct.

mv.tai hang shan   dwcc 11500mt       open ningbo                on   mid oct.

m.v. scsc luck - dwt 8397mt - ppt  bangkok

mv "oriental beauty" 19,986mt open saeiki, jpn 18-20th/sep.

mv. helios (19,981dwt)----- free at tomakomai on/around 18th sep 17

mv.orient ace(19,092dwt)----- free at miike, japan on/around  20th sep 17

mv sunroad yatsuka(24,989dwt)----- free at singapore on / around 26th sep

mv hai phong 08 – 27,800 dwcc, open in duyen hai port abt  end of sept 2017.

(trading area: w.w – exclude us & canada)

mv hai phong 19 – 27,800 dwcc, open in tema – waf around end of nov 2017

(trading area: w.w – exclude us / europe/ aussie)

mv hai phong 20 – 27,800 dwcc, open in duyen hai port abt 22th sept 2017.           

(trading area: w.w – exclude us / europe/ aussie)

mv hai phong 25 – 29,200 dwcc, open in davao port abt 8th oct 2017.

(trading area: w.w – exclude us / europe/ aussie)

mv hai phong 26 – 27,800 dwcc, open in chittagong port abt early of oct 2017.

(trading area: w.w – exclude us & canada)


Plsd to hear. Thanks.

Kind regards,
Kevin (Cuong NH)
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