11 September 2017

Open tonnage and cargo 09.11 (bt)

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/ Kevin

Good morning,
Direct owners.

Pls pps firm cgo for:

mv"southern spirit (box shape hold) 29,482 dwt - open haiphong, vietnam  18th/ 20th sept

mv hai phong 08 – 27,800 dwcc, open in duyen hai port abt  end of sept 2017.

(trading area: w.w – exclude us & canada)

mv hai phong 19 – 27,800 dwcc, open in tema – waf around end of nov 2017

(trading area: w.w – exclude us / europe/ aussie)

mv hai phong 20 – 27,800 dwcc, open in duyen hai port abt 22th sept 2017.           

(trading area: w.w – exclude us / europe/ aussie)

mv hai phong 25 – 29,200 dwcc, open in davao port abt 8th oct 2017.

(trading area: w.w – exclude us / europe/ aussie)

mv hai phong 26 – 27,800 dwcc, open in chittagong port abt early of oct 2017.

(trading area: w.w – exclude us & canada)

mv. kun peng – 13567 dwt - open haiphong 16th sep
mv white 1 - 13,920 mt dwt - open bkk 24th 2017
mv white 2 -  11,417mt dwt - open hcm 25th sept. 2017
mv.yandangshan          dwcc5500          19-20th sept tagbilaran,philippines
mv.chance star            dwcc 8000         1-3rd oct sangji,philippines
mv.chang long              dwcc 13000       29-30th sept bengkulu,indonesia
mv.feng an                     dwcc 19800        1-2nd oct kaohsiung,taiwan
mv.oupulai 18                dwcc 21500       8-10th oct binh thuan(near vung tau),vietnam
mv.autai                         dwcc23000        29-30th sept hochiminh,vietnam
mv. ocean gem, dwcc 13500mt---------- open singapore early/oct,2017
mv. ocean felicity, dwcc 9400-9500mt---------- open kunsan 23rd/sep,2017
mv. ocean hero, dwcc 13500mt---------- open yangon end sep,2017
mv. ocean elite, dwcc 9400-9500mt---------- open tomakomai end sep,2017
mv.'da yang bai li'- dwcc 7600mt   ---- open in haiphong  23-25th sep.                

mv. 'blue emperor 1' - dwcc 10500mt  ----  open in  masao 13-15th/sep,or singapore side early of oct.
mv. 'blue emperor 5' - dwcc 10500mt-----open jakarta  in 26-28th sep.
mv.'hong sheng 7'  - dwcc 21500mt -----open samulaju,east malaysia,1-5th oct.
mv. 'aoli 5'      - dwcc 23500mt -----open  tianjin china 22-25th/sep abt  crane 3 x 30mt
mv.'hongli 8' - dwcc 33500mt  -----open  qinzhou 18-19th  sep.
mv.'jin cheng 18'- dwcc 33500mt ----pg 2-7th sep arround.
mv doowoo jeju (大宇济州)   8951 dwt/1998blt   open  colombo,sri lanka/ 27th sep (2*30 crane,comb to 60ton + 1 * 30ton derrick )
mv. sheng yun lai   (盛运来)   21247 dwt/2011blt   open  inchon ,korea / 20th oct    (3*25ton ceane )
mv. vinalines ocean  (维纳海)  26465 dwt/1993blt   open  yangon,myanmar  /14th sep   (4*25ton crane )
mv wanxiang     (万香)     45744 dwt/1995blt   open  east malaysia  / rvtg       (4 * 30ton crane wz grabs ) 
mv ocean rich   (大洋财富) 69057 dwt/1995blt   open  chittagong,bangladesh / 10th oct   (4 * 30ton crane wz grabs )
mv rich vigor dwcc12800 open rayong,thailand 27th/sep
mv gaoxin 16    dwcc14600 open inchon,korea       05th/oct
mv tan binh 127 dwcc 11,200mts ==== chittagong 05-10 oct
mv tan binh 99 dwcc 9,800mts ==== maldives 05-10 oct
mv tan binh 59 dwcc 24,000mts ==== taizhou 25 sept
mv tan binh 129 dwcc 22,700mts === gresik 30 sept
mv tan binh 123 dwcc 22,800mts === chittagong 23 sept
mv tan binh 134 dwcc 23,800mts === fangcheng 27 sept
mv tan binh 136 dwcc 29,000mts ===== manila 14 sept         
mv tan binh 234 dwcc 31500mts ===== taichung 24 sept
mv tan binh 45 dwcc 22,500mts ===== gresik 09 oct
mv tan binh 235 dwcc 27,500mts ===== chittagong end sept
mv tan binh 89 dwcc 6,350mts ===== tagbilaran 18 sept
mv.song shan       dwcc 10500mt       open dili                  on  23rd sep.
mv.tian shan       dwcc 10800mt       open kunsan                on early oct.
mv.tai shan        dwcc 11000mt       open hochiminh             on   end sep.
mv.hua shan        dwcc 11500mt       open nagoya                on early oct.
mv.tai hang shan   dwcc 11500mt       open ningbo                on   mid oct.
mv unison spark, 28,438 dwt open  wenzhou, o/a ppt (moc approval)
mv unison power, dwcc 37,000mt, open cjk o/a 20 sep, 2017
mv scsc fortune      dwcc 8000   open        bangkok,thai                end/sep    moc
mv scsc luck            dwcc 8000    open        haiphong,vn                 18th/sep   moc
mv scsc wealth       dwcc 8000    open        haiphong,vn                 25th/sep  moc
mv shengtai              dwcc 5000    open         busan,kr                         18th/ sep
mv. helios (19,981dwt)----- free at tomakomai on/around 18th sep 17
mv. gaia (19,981dwt)----- free at kamiiso on/around 20th sep 17
mv.orient ace(19,092dwt)----- free at miike, japan on/around  21st sep 17
mv sunroad yatsuka(24,989dwt)----- free at singapore on / around 26th sep
mv. east sunny              10303mt               naha                         3rd/oct
mv. violet ace               11663mt               tomakomai             5th/oct
mv.horizon 9                  13268mt                bangkok                 26th/sep
mv.seiyo sapphire      11348mt                lianyungang         18th/sep
mv.seiyo spirit             8514mt                 sandakan               15th/sep
mv.jacaranda                   8556mt              kendari                    25th/sep
mv.seiyo 18                          8629mt               kunsan                   ppt,hot to fix!!!
mv.seiyo spring                9999mt               surabaya              25th/sep
mv.seiyo honor               10132mt               rvtg
mv.seiyo fortune           10514mt               cjk                            20th/sep
mv.seiyo goddess         12217mt                bangkok               20th/sep        

mv.seiyo explorer         24800mt              thailand                 end/sep      
mv.seiyo pioneer            24814mt                hochiminh           19th/sep
mv east sun                            dwcc 4500     open  mokpo, kr               15th/oct
mv laochuanzhang 17      dwcc 8300     open  qinzhou, cn           20th/sep
mv laochuanzhang 717    dwcc 21000  open  singapore              15th/sep
"Excellent Pescadores" 18,383wt open Davao, Philippine 23 Sept 2017
"Glaring Pescadores" 10,976.89dwt open HCM, Vietnam 19 Sept 2017
"Harmony SW" 12616dwt open Chittagong 19 Sept 2017
"Honor Pescadores" 11982wt open Rizhao, China 22 Sept 2017
"Leader SW" 11967.64dwt open Kolkata, India 12 Sept 2017
"Majestic Pescadores" 11594dwt open CJK, China 22 Sept 2017
"Trump SW" 18,978dwt open Songxia, China 17 Sept 2017
"Corefortune OL" 60225dwt open Chennai, India 28 Sep 2017
"Coreleader OL" 37118dwt open Onsan, Korea Mid Oct 2017



cargo: 20-32,000mt granite blocks  

l/port:  krishnapatnam or kakinada, india,at chrtr's option

d/port: shihu or xiamen, s.china

laycan: 18- 23rd sep 2017

load rate: 4500mt shinc pwwd

disch rate: 5000mt shinc pwwd

frt: fio bss 1/1

comm: 1.25% pus

prefer gear min30t




20,000 mt +/- 10% aluminum in jumbo bags 1mt

go dau port / bayuquan port or lianyungang

20th - 25th september, 2017

- freight :

    * if bayuqang : usd 12.00 / pmt fiost basis 1/1

    * if lianyungang : usd 11.50 / pmt fiost basis 1/1

2,500 mt pwwd shex uu / cqd.

charterers' agent at load port. owners agent at disport

comm : 1.25% add pus




12,000mt 10% molco, max 13,200mt alumina in mt/bag, abt 1mt/bag,bag:height 1m, diameter 1m

go dau,vn /mokpo (daebul),kr

laycan from abt sep.6 to mid/seo.

1800mt pwwd shex uu (or cqd - owner's option) / cqd,

chtrs frt around usd12.5/mt on fio

need vsl with gear for loading & dischg.

add 2.5% pus




10000mt of cokes in bulk sf 1.7wog

1sbp rizhao  / 1sbp hai phong

lycn  25-30/sep


frt invt bst fiost 1/1

2.5% add pus




15000mt of cokes in bulk sf 1.7wog

1sbp rizhao  / 1sbp hai phong

lycn  25-30/sep


frt invt bst fiost 1/1





a/c noble miracle


dely cjk/nchina range


redely se.asia range

steels (deck cgo imperative )

duration abt 30days wog

3.75% add pus

can consider 2ll for the right candidate with n.ore option.




19,000 +/-5% mts steel scrap in bulk sf 2.0

l/d port: 1sbp funabashi / 1sbp phu my

l/d rate: 1,000 shex uu / 400 inc per ship's gear

laycan: 15th – 30th  sept, 2017 ( tb narrowed 05 days as vessel date )

o/f: idea usd… pmt fios bss 1/1

comm: 2.5%




10,000 +/-5% mts steel scrap in bulk sf 2.0

l/d port: 1sbp kawasaki / 1sbp phu my

l/d rate: cqd at bends ( can try rate )

laycan: 05th – 25th oct ( tb narowed 05 days as vessel date )

o/f idea: usd…pmt fios bss 1/1

comm: 2.5%


Plsd to hear. Thanks.

Kind regards,
Kevin (Cuong NH)
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