05 September 2017

various cargo offers 09.05 (b)

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/ Kevin

Good morning,
Pls pps firm for:

20,000 tons (+/- 10% CHOPT ) tapioca chips in bulk sf 2.2 wog

Quinhon Port/ Rizhao or Lianyungang Port

4-10th Sept (try vsl dates)

3000/2000 SHEXUU

Freight fiost 1/1

1.25% add pus

Gear min 20 tons




5,000mt bgd rice

dalian / inchon

2,500mt / cqd

lycn : 8/12 sep ( try earlier )

chtr agent bends

dunnage tbf chtr acct

2.5pct adc pus




5000 mt rice in 40 kg bag (s/f 1.45 wog )

loding port : 1sbp hochiminh, vietnam

dischg port : 1sbp masan, korea

laycan : sept 10th-15th, 2017

frt: pmt fiost

loading rate : 350 mt per workable gear wwd shex uu

dischg rate : cqd

l/sd to be owner's acct

ows agt at loading and chtrs agt at dischg port

max 20 year/geard vsl

2.5 pct pus




cargo: 28-35,000mt granite blocks  

l/port:  kakinada or krishnapatnam , india,at chrtr's option

d/port: shihu or xiamen, s.china

laycan: 5-10th sep 2017

load rate: 4500mt shinc pwwd

disch rate: 5000mt shinc pwwd

frt: fio bss 1/1

comm: 1.25% pus

prefer gear min30t




20,000mts 10% alumina in bags
(1mt /1bag, bag- height 1, diameter 1m. s/f abt 1.3 wog)
Go Dau/ Lianyungang or Bayuquan chopt
15-20th Sept
2500mt with 4cranes shexuu/ cqd
frt usd 11 pmt fiost 1/1




12,000mt 10% molco, max 13,200mt alumina in mt/bag, abt 1mt/bag,bag:height 1m, diameter 1m
go dau,vn /mokpo (daebul),kr
laycan from abt sep.6 to mid/seo.
1800mt pwwd shex uu (or cqd - owner's option) / cqd,
chtrs frt around usd12/mt on fio
need vsl with gear, for loading & dischg.
add 2.5% pus




40k slag in blk,10pct moloo
nagoya (11.81m ), japan/ abu dhabi,
27th sep to 6th oct 2017
load rate 12,000 pwwd shinc
disch rate 10,000 pwwd fhinc (for less than 15 years) and 6,000 pwwd fhinc (for more than 15 years)
12 hrs tt
nor during office hours
1.25 pct pus




10,000mt stl scrap 5%molco    sf abt 1.3 wog
10-15th sep
frt invite bss filo terms 1/1
comm 2.5%
need vsl's gear for dischg




cargo qtty : abt 6,900mt cement in bag
loading port : 1sap hongai , vn
disg port :1sbp northern samar,philippine (grt<5000 )
laycan : 10~15 sep
l/d rate : 2500mt wwdshinc/ 1000mt wwdshinc
o/frt frt invite owners fixing frt rate in fiost bss 1/1.
comm 2.5% add pus




thailand gulf need pmx for tapioca
acct:cmps or nominate
require ultramax or pmx intend tapioca chips
(grain capacity about 80-85k cbm for 42000-45000mt tapioca sf about 1.8-1.85 wog)
1tct with harmless tapioca chips, duration 20-35 days wog
delivery: make thailand
redel : cjk or rizhao/lianyungang arange
laycan :25-30th/sept.)
add comm 2.5 % pus




quantity: 2 x 25,000 mt each, upto 10pct mol choptn, bgd sugar
load: 1-2 sbs jebel ali or port rashid, in choptn
discharge: 1-2 sabs chittagong, bangladesh
laycan: 1-5 nov 2017 & 15-20 nov
load rate: 1,500 mt pwwd thunoon fhex eiu ( bss 4 cranes )
disch rates: 1,500 mt pwwd thu 1700--sun0800 eiu ( bss 4 cranes )
geared/ max 15 yrs old / iacs / iga pni
2.50 pct adcom pus
sub sugar 99 terms



Plsd to hear. Thanks.

Kind regards,
Kevin (Cuong NH)
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