15 November 2017

Open cargo 11.15

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/ Kevin

Good morning,
Pls pps firm for:

20,000mt 10pc moloo alumina in big bags 1-1.5mt each

load go dau, vietnam

disch rizhao or ningbo or lianyungang or bayuquan in chopt

28-30th nov

2500mt satshex load bss 4 cranes owise less pro rata - 5000 mts shinc

2.5 %




8,000 – 10,000mts cement in sling bags & jumbo bags

01 sap hon gai, vietnam/01 sbp puerto princesa, philippines

2,500mts/1,500mts pwwd shinc

Laycan 5 – 10th dec

1.25% addcomm pus




Shipment: 15,000 mts clinker in bulk

Laycan: 10th- 20th, nov. 2017 (to be narrow for 5 days only)

Loading: 1sa hon net anchorage, quang ninh, viet nam 

Disch port: 1sbp bataan, philippines

L/d rate: 5,000/3,000 shinc

Invited the the best freight

1.25% add pus

Req: shipgear min 20t




7,000mts 10% molco clinker in bulk

Load port: 1 sbp cam pha, vietnam

Disch port: 1sbp kuching subj 7,0m draft

Laycan: vessel's date in nov, dec, jan (03 shipments per month)

Load rate: 5.000shex uu

Dis rate: 2,000 shex uu for single decker, 1,500 shex uu for tween decker

Chtrs prefer  swl min 15t gear each, max 25 years

Add comm: 1.25% pus.







-cargo&qtty:  10000-12000 mt at charterer's option sub to vessel's fully capacity tapioca in bulk (sf:1.85-1.9) 

-l/d port:1 sbp,ksc,thailand/1sbp,zhenjiang,cn

-laycan: end of nov to early dec 2017

-l/d rate:4000mt/2500mt pwwd shexuu

-demmurage/despatch at dischg port usd xx  pdpr/dhd wts

-freightinvite owner idea fiost bss 1/1

-2.5% add pus,short sub




-cargo&qtty:abt 12000-15000mt gaolin in bulk 5% molco sf: 1.0wog

-l/ d port: 1 sbp lumut, my / 1 sbp shantou,china

-lycn: end of nov, 2017

-l/ d rate: 3000/3000 shinc term

-frt invite owrs best on fiost bss 1/1

-l/s/d trimmingtbf chtrs acct

-other:part cargo is ok

-comm: 2.5% add pus




-20,000 - 20,700mt tapioca chips in bulk (sf abt 1.90 wog)

-l/d port: 1sap kohsichang, thailand / 1sbp rizhao, china

-lycn: 27th-30th nov

-l/d rate: 5,500mt pwwd shinc/2,500mt pwwd shinc

-frt rate invite owners best on fiost bss 1/1

-comm 2.5%




- cargo: 25,000mt 10% moloo coal in bulk (s/f: 42.5 wog).

(cargo will be loaded into the holds with hatch opening no smaller than 15 mtr x 15 mtr only)

- laycan: 23rd - 28th november, 2017.

- loading port: 1sp 1sa muara berau, indonesia

- discharging port: 1sp 1sb duyen hai port, tra vinh province, vietnam. (max draft 9.50m, density 1.015)

- loading rate: 8.000mt pwwd shinc with 12hr tt usc

- discharging rate: 10.000mt pwwd shinc with 12hr tt usc

- freight rate: invite owner best bss 1/1

- chtrs agent at bends with reasonable pda approval by owners

- add cmm: 2.5% f/d/d&d pus




Volume: 22.000 tons

Comd: iron ore in bulk

Pol: vung ang, vietnam

Pod: qingdao, china

Laycan: 5th-10th Dec, 2017

L/d rate: 5000 tons/ day at bends

Com: 2,5% add pus

Target rates: usd 10/ ton




8,000~12,000mt 5% molco wood pellet in bulk (s/f 1.90 wog)

Ho chi minh / kunsan

27/30 nov 2017(try vsl date)


Invite ows best fio bss 1/1

2.50% adc. pus

Need min 25mt gread vsl




Cgo: 30,000mt of blk ilmenite 10% molco.

L/d port: 1sbp port harcourt (dft: 10.00m), nigeria/1sbp fangcheng port, s. China

Lycn: late of nov., 2017.

L/d rate: 6,000/10,000 shin

Invite owners best bss 1/1

Owners agent at loading port

Need drrks min 30mt with grabs.

Comm 2.5% pus




- 25/35.000 mt blk mang ore

- abidjan , quay 11-12 / xingang

- nov 15-30

- 6000 shinc / c q d

-comm:2.5 add pus




-Cargo: 10-20,000mt granite blocks  

-l/port:  krishnapatnam or kakinada, india,at chrtr's option

-d/port: shihu or xiamen, s.china

-laycan: 20-25th nov 2017

-load rate: 4500mt shinc pwwd

-disch rate: 5000mt shinc pwwd

-frt: fio bss 1/1

-comm: total 1.25%

-gencon 94

-prefer gear min30t




Plsd to hear. Thanks.

Kind regards,
Kevin (Cuong NH)
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