14 December 2017

10-30k granite blocks ECI/ S.China PPT + 45K slag Hazira/ Abu Dhabi 23-28th Dec

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Pls pps firm for:

-Acct teda trading

-cargo: 10-35,000mt granite blocks  

-l/port:  kakinada or krishnapatnam , india,at chrtr's option

-d/port: shihu or xiamen, s.china

-laycan: ppt

-load rate: 5000mt shinc pwwd

-disch rate: 5500mt shinc pwwd

-frt: fio bss 1/1

-comm: 1.25% pus

-gencon 94

-prefer gear min30t

-try TCT




min 45000mt slag, try upto 55000mt but subs to seller's approval.

Load port: 1SB Hazira/Magdalla port India (Anchorage Loading)

discharing port: abu dhabi

Loading rate: 4000 tons  per weather working day of 24 consecutive hours, shinc

Discharging rate: 10000 finc bss min 4x 30tons and 4 x 12 cbm, others 6000 shinc


Laycan 23-28 December / DEC

NOR shall be tendered by the vessel when ready in all respect fro cargo loading

( WWWW to apply ).

IGM rotation to be provided by owner 24hrs advance excluding custom holidays &



owner to nominate vessel 5 days prior first day of laycan and can substitute

nominated vessel with 3 days prior vessels ETA

Shipper needs 48 hours for vessel confirmation

1.25% pus




Direct owners:


Mv htk lotus – 27,800 dwcc, open duyen hai – s. Vietnam abt 24th dec 2017. (trading area: w.w – exclude us & canada)

Mv hai phong 19 – 27,800 dwcc, open in tema – waf 08th jan 2018. (trading area: w.w – exclude us & canada)

Mv hai phong 20 – 27,800 dwcc, open duyen hai – s. Vietnam abt 06th of jan 2017. (trading area: w.w – exclude us & canada)

Mv hai phong 26 – 27,800 dwcc, open in w. Malay – singapore range abt 26th dec 2017. (trading area: w.w – exclude us & canada)

Mv htk fortune (dwt 32,555 mt) open in davao – phil 20th jan 2017 (trading area: w.w – exclude us & canada)

Mv "oriental topaz" 16,761mt at dangjin, korea 20th/dec.

Mv laurel ace (28,389 dwt)----- free at s.korea 21-25th dec

Ksl danyang - dwcc37200mts open bik,iran a/o 3rd/jan

Ksl hengyang - dwcc 52500mts open bandar abbas a/o 10th/jan

Ksl deyang - dwcc 52500mts open bik ,iran a/o 15th/jan

Ksl xingyang - dwcc 52500mts open bik,iran a/o 30th/jan

"excellent pescadores" 18,383wt open kinuura, japan 22 dec 2017

"glaring pescadores" 10,976.89dwt open senboku, japan 22 dec 2017

Mv thang long - 8,934mt open : panjang, indonesia o/a 29-30th/dec., 2017

Mv vsg dream – 7,748mt dwt open : quinhon, vietnam o/a 2-3/jan., 2018

Mv vsg glory - 8,192mt dwt open : lianyungang or caofeidian(tianjin), china o/a 1-3/jan., 2018

Mv vsg pride - 6,238mt dwt open : tuticorin, india 4-5/jan., 2018

Mv vtb brave – 9,651mt dwt open : hazira, india o/a 5-6/jan., 2018

Mv vf glory – 8,456mt dwt open : haiphong, vietnam o/a 5-7/jan., 2018

Mv oriental pearl - dwt: 45518 mt - open  ningde, china  20th – 22nd dec 2017

Mv hua you 2 -  dwt: 36899 mt  open  binh thuan, vietnam   27th - 29th dec 2017

Mv ming yuan - dwt: 33003 mt -   open  mokpo,korea   25th - 27th dec 2017

Mv. Kookyang singapore ----- 11,432dwt open at maldives o/a 5th ~7th jan 2018

Mv hai duong 09         10959  ho chi minh port          end dec

Mv dynamic ocean 02             7300    chittagong        20th dec

Mv. Both win 7            6500    bayuquan         28th  dec          2*15mt crane,box        single

Mv. Xingguang 18       12500  hcmc    1st jan 3*20mt crane ,box       single

Mv. Changlianhai        13500  inchon or pohang         30th dec           gearless,box     single

Mv zhongyu 89 – dwt 54808.31 mt - open lianyungang 31st / dec.

Mv unison star, dwcc 37,000mt, open cjk o/a 8 jan., 2018

Mv unison spark, open iloilo or iligan  o/a 10 jan., 2018

Mv unison leader, open taiwan o/a early jan., 2018

Mv unison power, dwcc 37,000mt, open japan (intention : hachinohe)

Kai xiang (凯祥)          7,500mt           taipei, tw          22nd/ dec         sd  gearless      moc

Kai jie(凯捷)           7,500mt           zhangjiagang, chn        23rd/ dec         sd  gearless     

Fu ye (富业)    8,300mt           south china      end/ dec           td  4x20t derks

Fu xing (富兴) 8,500mt           inchon, kor      rvtg      td  1x28t, 2x20t          

Bao li (宝利)    16,000mt         xiamen, chn     29th/ dec          sd  2x25t grabed         

Hong li(宏利)            25,000mt         rizhao, chn       28th/ dec          sd  4x20t cranes          

Mv. Sn queen – dwt 11,478mt open tokyo bay, japan o/a 26th – 28th dec'

Mv.song shan – dwt11288.061mt open eci (int' kolkata) o/a 20th – 25th dec'

Mv. Golden autumn – 11,281mt open dalian, china o/a 28th – 29th dec'



Plsd to hear. Thanks.

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